Introducing Swanny – Mascot or Fifth Sabb?

So, a new logo, a new brand, a new identity. We’re all very proud of the new logo and are looking forward to seeing it grow as the definitive symbol of your SU.¬†That’s all hyper-professional and serious, so we had to add a dash of fun into things. Introducing Swanny, the six-foot, lovable swan mascot that comes as a result of lots of pestering from Activities Support Worker, Emily, and a love of swans from all our staff.

Swanny has been getting out and about around campus, meeting people, jumping out at SU staff and just generally keeping everyone entertained. On July 12 Swanny met our International Students at their Welcome Event in the Hub, upstairs in the Tower Bar. He had a great time meeting people – putting smiles on people’s faces, getting some great photos and letting people know who he is (well, not letting people know himself – he’s a swan, he can’t talk). Swanny, Ian and Brian really enjoyed meeting the International Students and it was a great opportunity to welcome then to our University.


Swanny and the Internationals
Swanny, Ian and Brian Meet the International Students

Everyone knows the hype surrounding Coke’s new ‘Share a Coke With…’ campaign. With Swanny being such a big hit and deserving a treat, a couple of the team went to Cornhill Square to the Coke Van which was letting people make their own bottles. It turns out that Swanny is not what you’d call a usual name, so we couldn’t get that printed. But the good news is, Swanny got to share a bottle with Lincoln instead. Take all the opportunities you get to get into photos with Swanny – keep your eyes peeled for him around campus.

Swanny and Coca Cola
Swanny Sharing a Coke with Lincoln

Our boy Swanny has had such a big impact and a lot of fun that we might have to make him an honorary Sabbatical Officer. VP Swanning Around, VP Mascot Affairs Рsomething like that. Join us in saying a big welcome to Swanny.

If you see him around campus and get any pictures, or want to talk to or about him, use #Swanny on Twitter and Facebook.

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